1. The Spindle

This piece is an amalgam or interpretation of the many meanings associated with spinning, using things that in some way go around as the materiel for making the piece. The spinning of fibers appears in a multitude of tales and there are very many metaphors attached to it (including spinning a tale or yarn of course). I employed looping, beginning with field recordings of old steam engines, then layered singing and the repeated speeding up and re-recording of spoken vocals using a tape deck, so the voice was literally spun repeatedly in order to give the effect that it was being wound up. The very last sound is of an actual spinning wheel. The spoken story is of Rumpelstiltskin, perhaps the most famous of the Grimms tales where spinning appears. Enjoy!

Source recordings: Steam engines, voice, spinning wheel.

Various tales that include spinning – Mostly Grimms


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  1. Liz Costello says:

    Nice spin on spin! Kind of begs some physical accompaniment, would be cool to connect the audio to an actual spinning wheel somehow…I love the voices/repetition/variation, to be and do what spinning is/does…

  2. Timothy Kniffin says:

    Beautifully designed and somehow haunting at times…I’m inspired to put on track 12 from Sunflower: Cool, Cool Water.
    Thank you Merlin.

  3. Catherine says:

    Wonderful to hear your new work! It feels very cinematic to me, I can ‘see’ the spinning and the engines when I listen. Thank you for sharing.

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