4. Baba Yaga

For this piece my primary inspiration was drawn from Joy Williams’ story “Baba Yaga and the Pelican child” as read by David Rackoff on the radio show Selected Shorts. This story was so striking to me and so well read that it took hold of me and informed the mood of the piece more than anything else.

I set out to emphasis the sounds I found the images inspired as the baseline of the piece this time. I attempted not to not use my voice as the primary tool of composition as it is so often my first approach.

Source recordings: Mortar and Pestle, Chickens, horse hooves, cello, and yes voice.

Baby Yaga and the Pelican Child – Joy Williams




  1. Liz Costello says:

    The mortar and pestle sound is really special here, I can feel it in my teeth, and it’s such a great complement to the hooves, chickens, cello and voice. I can’t help but wish that all of these pieces could be a bit longer and could be woven together to create a huge immersive performance that takes place in a house that has its own giant scaly legs.

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