7. Snow White and Rose Red

The inspiration for this piece began with the idea of twinning and the intertwined nature of two beings. I had planned on writing a lot of close harmony vocals for two women’s voices to represent this. Then somehow, it evolved into additional character representations with not a lot of focus on the sisters, then into more of a focus on the analysis of a story and a somewhat absurd tongue-in-cheek commentary on such. One never knows how the muse will flow.

For this one it would be informative to read Snow White and Rose Red before listening.

source recordings: Voice, with guest artist Bob Ernst.
Snow White and Rose Red – The Brothers Grimmß


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  1. The “critic’s” conspiratorial whisper is funny and sets us up to know that you are at play here with the story and the idea of stories having (or needing) meaning. The voice might otherwise seem too beautiful, too serious. What I like especially is how you layer and get antic and overwhelm the lonely forest (of this particular interpreter’s interpretation) with the idea of forests filled with girls and dwarves, inside mental forests filled with girls and dwarves and bears (though I lose the bear a little, admittedly). The character representations are indeed untraditional and they gallop all over the great seriousness of interpretation.

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